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Quartz, Diamond and 14k Rose Drop Earrings

RRP: $3,600.00
$1,560.00 (You save $2,040.00)

Product Description

A gorgeous pair of large pale pinkish-lavender quartz briolettes, surrounded in tiny lines of diamonds and set in 14k rose gold.

Materials Spotlight: 

  • 14k Gold is a popular and beautiful karat of gold seen in jewelry worldwide. Not too pale and not too yellow, it is usually stamped with '14k', but in many world jewelry markets you will see it stamped '585'. Its metal purity is approximately 58.5% gold, mixed (alloyed) with silver, copper and zinc. 
  • The quartz family of gems is vastly multi-colored, and amethyst is the everyday name for purple quartz. Amethyst shows up in tones from the deepest purple up to the palest lavender. Amethyst hues range from bluish-purple to a fuchsia-reddish purple shade. Jewelry designers use amethyst in its conventionally faceted form, and also in rough crystal, geode and bead forms, as seen in this pendant! It's a relatively common gem, so you will often see beautiful, large-carat amethyst stones in affordable statement jewelry. 
  • Less-romantically known as carbon, diamond is the hardest known substance. Many diamonds are over three billion years old, and scientists find them in surrounding rock that is significantly newer, as a result of new volcanic material moving old diamonds around deep underneath the earth's surface. Australia is a major supplier of the tiny diamonds, called 'melee', used in much of today's jewelry. 


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