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Amethyst 18k Side-Oval Cocktail Ring

RRP: $3,900.00
$1,690.00 (You save $2,210.00)

Product Description

A deep, vibrant purple 8.8ct amethyst stone gets turned on its side to make a compliment-inviting cocktail ring! Made in 18k rose gold, this ring includes .54 carats total weight of diamonds and .73 carats total weight of pink sapphires. Finger size is 7, and can be sized with your local jeweler. 

Materials Spotlight: 

  • Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz. It ranges in color from pale pinkish lavender (sometimes called 'Rose de France') to richly saturated purple. 
  • Much of the world's best fine jewelry uses 18k Gold. It's pure enough to add luxury and great value to a piece, and yet reinforced enough to be durable. Often a richer yellow color than its less-pure gold counterparts, it is usually stamped with '18k', but in many jewelry markets you will see it stamped '750'. This karat's metal purity is approximately 75% gold, mixed (alloyed) with silver, copper and zinc. Although gold is mined a natural bright yellow, gold can be alloyed into pink, white, green, blue, purple, gray and black colors.  
  • Pink Sapphire refers to a specific color range within the colors of the mineral corundum. Sapphires and rubies are two color ranges of corundum; essentially, they are the same gemstone apart from a few color-influencing trace elements. If a corundum is pink enough, it's pink sapphire, and if it's red enough, it's classified as ruby instead. 
  • Less-romantically known as carbon, diamond is the hardest known substance. Many diamonds are over three billion years old, and scientists find them in surrounding rock that is significantly newer, as a result of new volcanic material moving old diamonds around deep underneath the earth's surface. Australia is a major supplier of the tiny diamonds, called 'melee', used in much of today's jewelry. 


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