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Tahitian Pearl and Diamond 18k Buckle Ring

RRP: $5,100.00
$2,210.00 (You save $2,890.00)

Product Description

A black Tahitian pearl in a handcrafted buckle-style design, accented by two rows of channel-set diamonds. 

Materials Spotlight:  

  • Although Tahitian pearls are instantly recognized by their grey-black hues and colorful, metallic luster, they also occur in a range of gold-yellows, blues, greens, purples, browns and more. They are usually 8-12mm in size, come from a particular species of (black-lipped) oyster, and take approximately five years to culture a single pearl! These precious pearls are beloved the world over, and are a major export of French Polynesia. 
  • Less-romantically known as carbon, diamond is the hardest known substance. Many diamonds are over three billion years old, and scientists find them in surrounding rock that is significantly newer, as a result of new volcanic material moving old diamonds around deep underneath the earth's surface. Australia is a major supplier of the tiny diamonds, called 'melee', used in much of today's jewelry. 
  • Much of the world's best fine jewelry uses 18k Gold. It's pure enough to add luxury and great value to a piece, and yet reinforced enough to be durable. Often a richer yellow color than its less-pure gold counterparts, it is usually stamped with '18k', but in many jewelry markets you will see it stamped '750'. This karat's metal purity is approximately 75% gold, mixed (alloyed) with silver, copper and zinc. Although gold is mined a natural bright yellow, gold can be alloyed into pink, white, green, blue, purple, gray and black colors.  
  • Un-plated white gold - made white with the addition of nickel - is actually a very light, pale yellow itself. White gold is often plated over with rhodium to achieve maximum whiteness! 


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